Lunch at Ikea

Salam folks. Here’s my first restaurant review for you guys. Obviously, I need a break from cooking too to see what food is like out there.

Last Sunday I happened to at Ikea during lunch time. As you know an Ikea trip normally means half day or more being spent there. And of course our shopping wasn’t done before lunch time and I could hear my stomach making noise. So I decided to stop by the food court and have lunch.

This was my order:

  1. Grilled Salmon with Rice.unnamed (1)
  2. Aloo Mutter with Rice.unnamed (2)
  3. Szechuan Fish With rice

    unnamed (3)

I really loved all the food that we ended up picking. Aloo Mutter was my favorite since I love the Indian Spices. Have you been to Ikea’s Food Court? What was your favorite food?

That’s all for now! Until next time, Chef Doha signing off مع السّلامة


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