Qatar International Food Festival

11081760_804666226281267_724912278_n  Salaam folks! Hope everyone’s having a great week. This time we are back with our review of the Qatar International Food Festival which was held at the MIA park for almost a week. Reports say there were over 170,000 visitors which makes it seem like a success but we think there was more room for improvisation.

Our favorite spot was definitely the healthy corner by Sahtak Awalan. It was completely to the point and had everything perfect. A place that gave away healthy recipes, healthy information, nutrition count of the body, and a campaign to grow your own plants. Their stall had innovation, and purpose.

As for the dinner in the sky which was kind of the main highlight of the Food Festival last year as well as this year, it definitely is something we wouldn’t recommend. Considering the people who have phobia of heights, a view from above would completely set their digestive system off , and me being one of them, I’d never get on it. Food is something that you need to have at the most comfortable place, and up in the sky with my head going dizzy is not something I would recommend.
The amateur chef cooking competition by Philips and the cooking theater were great ideas.
The location picked for the event was just as great as well. There were some famous instagram stores as well, but we weren’t sure why a designer stall was at the food festival considering it had no hints of anything food.
Cleanliness and hygiene of the park was great. Also, we think that QTA should focus more on the local food bloggers than bringing many from abroad. Local Food bloggers have local fans which means more local support, and more advertisement.
Kempinski’s Marsa Malaz was my top favorite setup when it came to the set-ups by hotels.11081599_804666229614600_601046272_n
Souq Waqif boutique Hotel’s Dhow Cruise was definitely a great idea as well.
OnQatar had some marvelous ideas for mobile charging which was kind of really cool, and a much needed addition for most events around.
The Qatar- Turkey corner did not have anything much worth mentioning about other than the competition that was online.
The experience was great, but, there definitely was a lot of void space which had scope for more improvement than what we anticipated.





The fireworks were quite spectacular though!
Did you go to the QIFF? What was your experience like?
Head over to Dohabitation to read their review of QIFF!
Until next time, Chef Doha signing off
مع السّلامة


One comment on “Qatar International Food Festival

  1. Massive thanks for the link! You are clearly multi talented as you have taken some great photos too. WIsh we could have stayed for the fireworks. What were the talks/workshops like? We only caught one of them in Arabic when we were there, as we left late afternoon.


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