Chef Doha’s Indian Milk Fudge (Peda)

Salaam folks! Hope you are all doing great. Doha has been in the water since yesterday, and the weather feels so good. Now is the time to make these perfect delicacies- Indian Milk Fudge which is popularly known as pedas. Its very easy to make. The only time consuming part is making it into a smooth presentable little disc.


Steps To Make

Add the butter, condensed milk, and milk powder in a microwavable bown, and heat it for 3 minutes.
Mix well, and add the cardamom powder and saffron.

Heat it again for another 1 minute. Mix well.
Repeat heating and mixing until you get a partial dough like texture.
Refrigerate the mixture for an hour. You will get a perfect big dough.
Make it into small balls, flatten & serve.

P.S: While making the dough, we found the batter a little watery, and balanced it out by adding a little bit of milk powder to reach the right consistency.

We got complements that said it tasted really authenic like right out of the Indian Sweet Shop. We had jasmines in our garden which we used to make the serving process a little more pretty!



Try it, and let me know how yours went. That’s about it for now. Chef Doha signing off, until next time مع السّلامة


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